G.F.M stands for GOD,FAMILY,MUSIC. We design distinctive clothing, apparel, and merchandise that offers exceptional style and swagger . Founded by American Hip Hop Recording Artist Kevin Dewayne and his longtime business partner Cedric Felder. G.F.M is more than a BRAND…… It is a LIFESTYLE.  


  "People have always asked me what does G.F.M. mean when they hear me say it in my songs or written in print. GFM represents the 3 most important things to me in life which are GOD,FAMILY, and MUSIC in that order. Without either of the three I would be nothing! Being a hip hop artist I feel you owe it to your fans and the world something that’s of significant value to yourself but yet something they can relate and connect to. G.F.M is more than me, more than a brand, and more than an acronym. It’s a LIFESTYLE."   -Kevin Dewayne